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Frequently Asked Questions

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

No. They will not damage your eyelashes as long as they are done correctly and preferable be done by a certified lash technician


I’m feeling irritated, swollen, uncomfortable after my lash appointment around my eyes, 

What should I do?

Contact me immediately at any time of the day. It does not matter if it’s 4 AM, if you are feeling any discomfort after your appointment please let me know and I will remove them immediately and advise you to go see your eye doctor. It is unsafe for you to keep them on and if you would like to get them redone I will have to do a spot test before committing to a full appointment and ask for a doctor’s note


It’s my first time getting lashes, how do I know if I’m allergic to latex?

I will conduct a spot test. If you need to get one done, it must be at least 48 hours before the initial appointment


Do eyelashes hurt?

No, they will not hurt as long as they are applied correctly. Lashes are applied by isolating each individual lash with professional tools. I provide gel pads under the eye to prevent any discomfort during the application. 


My eyelashes are already falling off on the first day, should I get them retouched?

There’s natural shedding that sheds about 1-3 lashes per day & per eye, if you are experiencing anything more than that please notify me within 48 hours or less and we can rebook for another appointment


I’m not happy with my lashes, can you fix them?

Of course babe, please notify me within 48 hours or less. I will be more than happy to book another appointment free of charge (only applies once) If you are still unhappy with your lashes, I will remove them immediately, please notify me within 24 hours or less. See Refund Policy for more information


Why are your appointments 3 hours apart?

Due to COVID-19, I’m minimizing the number of people coming to the building. Appointments can change and hopefully accommodate more clients overtime when the number of cases in the cities reduces


How do I know when I should get a fill?

It’s definitely hard to identify when to get it done, but when they’re around 40% missing, come and book an appointment! If you’re unsure you can send me a picture of your lashes before scheduling a date. Pre-booking every 2 to 3 weeks is a must to save your spot for the month


Is there parking?

Yes, International Village Mall has 2-hour free parking for customers. Street parking is also available around the mall & residential areas, however, you must pay for parking.


Where are you certified from?

Blink & Brow is located in Langley.

A lash training course is a must, but I believe it’s never enough! I’m always sourcing and asking frequent questions from other lash techs for the best tips and tricks. I’m always keeping an open mind!


Where are you sourcing your lashes?

Currently, my lashes are sourced by Le Coeur Supplies Canada, LLBA (Main) & The Lash Shop

Also note, my products are also from Lost Artistry & Paris Lash Academy.


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