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Michelle Fagela is a certified lash technician based in Downtown Vancouver BC. As a new business owner, she has transferable qualities through a background of customer service over 8 years, associate skills & leadership. Before becoming a lash technician, she is well versed in luxury retail, and the banking industry as a financial advisor, currently holding a certificate in mutual funds. Michelle has decided to adventure herself into the beauty industry because she has always had a passion for making clients feel more confident in their decisions and always makes them comfortable when providing any type of service.


Fun facts to know is that she has a deep desire to travel around the world, make new friends along the way, and is always motivated to learn new things. As a person who loves to educate others, she’s ready to give out tips and experiences to share with you. Michelle hopes to grow her business further down the road and master her skills as a lash artist.


Due to COVID-19, she wishes that everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing at all times. Running a small business requires everyone to do their part to help keep all businesses open while keeping all employees safe during this unprecedented time. Condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one, family, or friend during this time. I’m also here to protect you and to protect myself. Please respect others' space and we can all get past this together :)

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