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Spot Testing

What is spot testing? (Patch Testing)

Spot testing is getting to know if you have allergies to the adhesives used by a lash tech. All lash technicians use different glue. If you are unsure that you have allergies to any adhesives or cyanoacrylate adhesives, I recommended a spot test 48 hours before our lash sessions. 


I recommend a spot test when…


  • You are new to getting your lashes for the first time

  • New to me, even having lashes from someone else, the glue being used may develop an allergy 

  • You haven’t had eyelash extensions for the last 6 months

How does it work & what will you do?
Before using any methods, I will drop adhesive two fingers away from the outer corner of the eye. After 10 mins and the product has not reacted to the skin I will
use the methods down below. There are two methods for spot testing. I recommend you do both.


Method 1
In the first method, I will apply a small amount of glue to just two to three eyelashes at the outer corners of each eye and make sure you allow 24 hours to see if any reaction was caused. If nothing occurs, you are ready!


Method 2
The second method is dropping adhesive right behind your ear and allowing 24 hours to see if any reaction was caused. If nothing occurs, you are ready!

You can remove the glue with makeup remover (oil-based works best) or use a microfiber towel with warm water

If any irritation arises within the 24 hours, rinse the area thoroughly with cold water for several minutes to remove the product completely. If irritation gets worse please seek medical attention and contact me to cancel the appointment. Please be advised that adhesive does not come in contact with the skin. 

Spot Testing


How it works:

Using a micro brush, your lash artist will apply a small amount of each solution in the crook of your elbow.  Solution residue is wiped off and is left for 24 hours. Monitor for any irritation (itchiness, redness, burning) on the skin. If irritation occurs, we can not proceed with the treatment, and you must seek medical advice if irritation continues

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