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What to know before the appointment

First time getting lash extension services? Here are some tips and expectations before the appointment


  • Don’t drink coffee before the appointment

Why? We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during the appointment because you’ll be laying down for at least a couple of hours


  • Wear a mask 24/7

Protect yourself! Protect me :) 


  • Bring a blanket or a jacket

Stay warm! Humidity does matter when it comes to applying lashes, as we try to keep the place at its optimal temperature it can get chilly, especially during the cold seasons


  • Don’t wear make-up

During the procedure it can get messy because of the close contact & any oils near the lashes can disrupt the adhesive glue


  • Arrive on time

Arriving on time helps me plan better for you and helps other clients get there lashes on time throughout the day as well 


  • Signing a waiver, consent, and COVID-19 form

Before the appointment, I will send you 3 forms to read and will get you to sign upon arrival

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Running late or have to cancel an appointment

Once you have booked the appointment, please notify me within at least 24 hours if you cannot make it and we can reschedule for another time


If you are running late, please notify me. Anything past 15 mins, unfortunately, I will have to cancel the appointment unless I have no appointment after. 


Any late appointments pass 30 min exception will be a permanent cancellation and will ask you to rebook


I am currently not asking for any deposits before the appointment, however, if too many people are canceling I will add the deposits into effect immediately

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What to expect from me at all times

  • You will see me wear a mask 24/7 for your protection


  • No coffee, but water will be provided at anytime


  • If you’re hungry, I will offer package snacks as well 


  • Before & after appointments I will be disinfecting and sanitizing the area 


Don’t be shy :) If you are feeling uncomfortable with anything please communicate that with me. 


If you are dissatisfied with your lashes, I’m able to accommodate extra time for you because I want you to come out looking your best! Please let me know within 48 hours by email, text or direct message on IG. 

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