Thank you for being a lash babe at Lashes by Elle. Here are some tips I find helpful to maintain your lashes after the appointment


  • After the appointment, I will be providing a complimentary lash wand for you to brush your lashes when necessary 


  • Avoiding wetting your lashes for the next 24 hours after the appointment so the adhesive can dry. (4 - 6 hours is also recommended)


  • Learn how to do a lash bath! Recommended at least twice a week 


  • After every shower, brush your lashes gently and careful having heavy showers & drying your face


  • Avoiding using a curler when you have your extensions, it can damage your natural lashes and cut them off (not to scare you, but yes, it does happen)


  • Don’t perm or tint lashes while you have extensions on, please book a schedule to remove them beforehand if planning to do so


  • Try not to sleep in a position where your face is against the pillow


  • Avoid oils near the lashes, they will fall faster than expected 


  • Don’t use mascara, using mascara can clump the lashes together


  • Don’t pull, pick or play with your lashes


By maintaining and cleaning your lashes you avoid having any potential infections, poor/lash hair growth, lash mites or any inflammation in the hair follicle. Dirty lashes are not okay! If you need to book a removal sooner than later due to any time of irritation, let me know. 


If you have any questions/concerns don’t hesitate to contact me at any time during the day and night.


It’s better to communicate than to not communicate with your lash tech at all! :)

After lash care